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    Gearbox GX6 Red Control Pickleball Paddle

    Price:  140.00EUR
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    There is a difference between a great pickleball paddle and a Game Changer. The GX6, is the Game Changer. Gearbox's vision was to pioneer technology unlike anything ever imagined in pickleball.

    When you see, hear and hit a Gearbox GX6 paddle, you immediately know what you are experiencing is unlike anything before in pickleball.

    After many years of extensive research, countless hours of testing and believing that the impossible is possible, Gearbox introduces the GX6, the game changer, constructed with Patented Solid Span Technology.

    Looking for everything the GX6 has to offer but in a more traditional head shape and standard handle length? We have it, see the GX5 Collection. See the Comparison Below.


        Superb Sound and Feel: Offers an outstanding soft feel and sound
        Slim Aerodynamic Frame: Maximized Maneuverability, Fast and Responsive
        Carbon Fiber Edgeless Frame: Larger Hitting Surface Area, Reduced Mishits
        Massive Sweet Spot: Optimized Ball Response from Center to Rim of Paddle
        Infinite Play: Consistent Performance from day one forward
        Dampener System: Perfect vibration control, Amazing Feel
        Torque Stabilization: Balanced and Stable during play
        High Performance Grip Circumference: For Comfort and More Wrist Roll
        Hyper Bite Spin Technology: Offers more Ball Bite for Max Spin on Demand
        Control and Power Option: To Enhance your Game and Compete with Focus
        Extended Handle Length: For Comfortable Two Handed Shots
        Durability: Trust your Gear. Play with Unmatched Durability
        No Delamination, No Honeycomb Core, No Soft Spots
        Hand Crafted Carbon Fiber Structure
        Single Piece Molded Construction
        USAPA Approved

    GX5 CS/PS and GX6 CS/PS Comparison

    The GX5 Series features an Even Balanced paddle with a large sweetspot for Maximum Manuverability while the GX6 Series features a longer paddle for Maximum Spin and Extended Reach with an Elongated sweetspot. Both the GX5 and GX6 Series have Power and Control paddles.

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